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I love to give lectures and retreats focusing on various aspects of beauty and the Church and I now travel around the country visiting many parishes. My goal is to inform and inspire, helping people to experience a deeper appreciation of the myriad forms of beauty in the Church and in our lives as Orthodox Christians. My most popular retreats are:

  • Envisioning the Kingdom: the Why and How of Beauty in the Orthodox Church (retreat)--this retreat focuses on explaining why we have beauty in the Church and what it looks like in various forms. It includes lectures on ancient color perception and features of Orthodox Christian Aesthetics. A great presentation to inspire your community towards more beauty!

  • Restoring the Image: Women, Beauty, and the Church (retreat)--this women's retreat begins by exploring how the physical and spiritual are intertwined in Orthodox Christian theology and how this informs our approach to beauty, and then continues to build on this topic through a series of "how to" sessions which focus on subjects such as our response to society's negative beauty messages, living in community, mentoring, and ornamenting our environment.


Honorarium and travel expenses--I do not ask for a set honorarium but leave that to your discretion. I do bring a table of embroideries from my embroidery company, Avlea, which helps offset my costs. I ask the hosting community to cover my travel costs.

If you are interested in hosting me for a retreat or speaking engagement, please email me to reserve dates (I am currently booking for Lent 2019). If you would like to see me "in action", please visit the Video page of the website or tune into Ancient Faith Radio and listen to my podcast "The Opinionated Tailor." If you have any questions or additional topics you are interested in, please contact me and I will email you more info.

If you have scheduled a retreat or lecture, handouts are through this link with the password I have provided you:


"Every one of us is in the image of God, and every one of us is like a damaged icon. But if we were given an icon damaged by time, damaged by circumstances, or desecrated by human hatred, we would treat it with reverence, with tenderness, with broken-heartedness. We would not pay attention primarily to the fact that it is damaged, but to the tragedy of its being damaged. We would concentrate on what is left of its beauty and not what is lost of its beauty. And this is what we must learn to do with regard to each individual, but also — and this is not always as easy — with regard to groups of people, whether it be a parish or a denomination, or a nation. We must learn to look, and look until we have seen the underlying beauty of this group of people. Only then can we even begin to do something to call out all the beauty that is there. Listen to other people and whenever you discern something which sounds true, which is a revelation of harmony and beauty, emphasize it and help it to flower. Strengthen it and encourage it to live."

+ Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

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