Real Metal Brocade, darks.

Whether it's purple for use in Great Lent or Regal black/burgundy for Holy Week usage, dark real metal brocades are a beautiful choice to bring sublime beauty to more sombre services. 


Please note: the photos above are only a small selection of dark brocades I have available (most Lenten orders are on a tight deadline and I rarely have time to photograph them). If you're interested in something else, please email me. For example, Regal is also available in black/gold, which is very beautiful. Also, the Regal black/burgundy/gold set above is shown with velvet insetting and orarion with hand embroidered crosses (typically, about $200 more for this upgrade, but I have to check hand embroidered cross prices when you place your order).


Custom tailored Deacon's vestment sets comes with sticharion, orarion, and cuffs. Available in Russian or Greek style. Fit is guaranteed.

Photo shows Russian style with black velvet insetting (no extra charge) and hand embroidered crosses ($150 upgrade).

Delivery is 3-6 weeks from receipt of order.


Deacons vestment real metal, dark

  • Greek-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion, Greek-style orarion (orarion that loops over hip), and cuffs that are custom-tailored to fit correctly and not "spin". Russian-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion with galloon "bib", Russian-style orarion (orarion that does not loop over hip) and cuffs.