Standard Size exorassa are available in 3 sizes (performance fabric only):

Slight fits a chest of 34-40" and has a 19" collar which fits shirt sizes 15-16.5. Fits height of 5'7 to 5'10" (Center Back is 57" and Center Front is 54").


Average fits a chest of 38-48", and has a 20" collar which fits shirt sizes 16-17.5. Fits height of 5'10 to 6' (Center Back is 60"and  Center Front is 57").


Broad fits a chest of 46-52" and has a 21" collar which fits shirt sizes 17-18.5. Fits height of 5'10 to 6' (Center Back is 60"and Center Front is 57").


Also available is a storage bag for $25. It is excellent for chanters and those who frequently transport their exorasson from home to church. Made from 100% cotton and lined with polyester satin for ease of use.


Shipping is included in price

Note: Free shipping is for Priority Mail only; Express Mail is available for a surcharge; please inquire via email if you need a garment immediately. We are finding that Priority Mail now makes it to most locations in about 2 days so there is rarely a need to use Express Mail.


My exorassa all come with "windy loops", small loops that are sewn to the inside of the fronts. Here's how to use them:

While wearing the garment, simply bring your hands back through the sleeves on the inside of the garment and slip the fingers of one hand through the two loops. This allows you to raise or lower the front of the exorason as needed.


Standard Size Exorassa

Storage bag +$25
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