Custom-tailored icon stand either 18 x 72 inches or to your desired width and length up to 24 inches wide x 80 inches long. Fully lined and finished with high quality metallic galloon around perimeter, double bank of galloon with fringe at hem, and machine embroidered footed cross.


Beautiful icon stand covers make a huge impact in your church setting and can be one of the most important textile adornments you purchase as they are seen by laity immediately upon entering the church. I offer many fabrics and styles and these photos are simply a small assortment of some I have made.


Options available: Standard Brocade, Real Metal Brocade, Embroidered Velvet (various designs, please email), Plain Velvet


Please note: if you need a more economical icon stand cover, please see our Budget Icon Stand Covers. They are offered in two sizes (18 x 72 inches or 16 x 40 inches) and a limited assortment of our most popular Standard Brocades.

Icon stand covers: custom