Gold Brocades are highly versatile and the most common brocade color I work on so I offer the largest number of brocade designs in this color. In Greece (where these brocades are made), gold brocades almost always feature red outlining so the design can be seen from a distance and I often emphasis this accent color with burgundy linings, crosses, and galloons which makes for elegant and beautiful vestments. 


Ephesus is an intricate design featuring highly embellished crosses offset with small Alpha-Omega monograms. 


Custom tailored Priest's vestment sets comes with phelonion, epitrachelion, zone, cuffs, and vestment cover. Sticharion, epigonation, and chalice veil covers (2 veils and 1 aer) can be added.

Fit is guaranteed.

Delivery is 5-10 weeks from receipt of order.


please note: the Ephesus gold/gold/red photo shows the vestments made as Athonite (high back) vestments since that's the best photo I have of the fabric; if you would like Athonite vestments, please see the Priest's Athonite page.


Ephesus gold priest vestments