Burgundy brocade deacons vestments are suitable for any time the rubrics specify "dark." They are a nice alternative to purple as they can be worn more frequently throughout the liturgical year during not only Great Lent, but also the Nativity Fast and feasts of martyrs.


Corinth is a popular and classic design feature bold crosses and lovely vinework.


Burgundy deacon vestments can also be combined with specialty oraria. Please visit the Deacons Specialty Orarion page for more info.


Please note: I will be adding the missing photos very soon. For brocade missing photos, simply type the name of the brocade into the search box at the top of the page and it will show you the brocade as priest's vestments so you can have an idea of the design. Thank you for your patience!


Custom tailored Deacon's vestment sets comes with sticharion, orarion, and cuffs. Available in Russian or Greek style. Fit is guaranteed.

Delivery is 5-10 weeks from receipt of order.

Corinth burgundy deacon's vestments

  • Greek-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion, Greek-style orarion (orarion that loops over hip), and cuffs that are custom-tailored to fit correctly and not "spin". Russian-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion with galloon "bib", Russian-style orarion (orarion that does not loop over hip) and cuffs.