Standard Brocade. 

This is a very unique and arresting brocade featuring bold, geometric crosses alternating with beautiful vinework. The purple/burgundy/gold colorway is particularly beautiful and interesting for Lenten/dark usage and the burgundy lining emphasizes the burgundy outlining in the brocade which is further set off by burgundy/gold crosses.

Custom tailored Priest's vestment sets comes with phelonion, epitrachelion, zone, cuffs, and vestment cover. Sticharion, epigonation, nabeddrenik, and chalice veil covers (2 veils and 1 aer) can be added.

Fit is guaranteed.

Delivery is 3-6 weeks from receipt of order.


Athens Purple Burgundy

Sticharion +$225
Epigonation +$135
Chalice Veil Set +$255
Nabeddrenik +$135
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