Real Metal Brocade. 

Available with velvet border upgrade no charge).

This is a beautiful, bold quatrefoil design that has a white/gold background with royal blue accenting. This type of colorway is excellent when you want a set that is a bit more multi-purpose than a blue/gold set. It would also be great for use in parishes dedicated to the Theotokos as an every Sunday type of vestment.

Custom tailored Priest's vestment sets comes with phelonion, epitrachelion, zone, cuffs, and vestment cover. Sticharion, epigonation, nabeddrenik, and chalice veil covers (2 veils and 1 aer) can be added.

Fit is guaranteed.

Delivery is 3-6 weeks from receipt of order.


Adrianople Blue

Sticharion +$225
Epigonation +$135
Chalice Veil Set +$255
Nabeddrenik +$135
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