ReadyMade Vestments

While the majority of my work is custom tailored, I know that custom tailoring doesn't fit everyone's schedule or budget.  In order to provide quality vestments at an affordable price, I also offer ReadyMade vestments in multiple brocades and colors. These are EXACTLY the same brocades, galloons, and sewing techniques I use on custom-tailored vestments just in standardized sizing*. These are terrific if you need vestments quickly for an ordination, are purchasing a gift, or simply need affordable great quality vestments. 

To place an order, click on any of the boxes below and order directly from the website (most sets ship within a day or two). 



Slight: fits chest of 36-42" & height of 5'7- to 5'10"

Average: fits chest of 40-46" & height of 5'9" to 6'1"

Broad: fits chest of 44-49" & height of 5'9" to 6'1"

The priest's sticharion is designed with a "growth pleat" behind the galloon so the length can be to customized.

Vestments are guaranteed--if you're not happy with the fit, please return them for a full refund.

*How am I able to do this and why am I doing it? I have been blessed to make vestments for over 20 years and I wanted a way to give back by offering high quality, beautiful vestments to as many churches as possible. I knew this could only be done by finding a way to reduce the expense, and that meant reducing labor because I wasn't willing to sacrifice quality or beauty by switching to inferior materials. So, I designed three pattern sets based upon the measurements I have seen most commonly over 20 years. These "standardized" patterns save a huge amount of communication time and provide for more streamlined cutting and prepping. All of this adds up to high-quality yet affordable vestments which means more churches have access to budget-friendly vestments!

From a satisfied client:

"I have just received my ReadyMade Vestments and not ONLY do they fit PERFECTLY, but they are more beautiful than anything I could have imagined. This is truly some of the finest quality construction, design, and fabric that I have come across."

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