Deacons Specialty Orarion

Specialty oraria (the plural of "orarion") are a beautiful variation for deacons vestments. They add a layer of beauty and embellishment to any set and can be quite simple, such as a plain velvet orarion with brocade, or very elaborate, such as the embroidered versions shown below used with deacons vestments made with velvet and embroidered insetting.  They make a wonderful, thoughtful gift for any deacon and help expand his vestment collection by allowing him to "mix and match" oraria with a single set of vestments: for example, 

if a deacon has a Ravenna gold brocade set, he can wear the coordinating brocade orarion for most Sundays, but then switch the orarion out to a specialty orarion, such as an embroidered velvet burgundy, for feastdays or special commemorations.

Specialty oraria come in three basic categories:

Plain velvet--available in burgundy, blue, green, and black

Machine embroidered velvet--several designs available on burgundy, blue, green, or black

Hand embroidered velvet or silk--metal thread goldwork custom embroidered by a small family firm. These include historic designs from museums or custom designs such as the "Holy, Holy, Holy" orarion shown below (designed for me by iconographer Dmitry Sholnik). These are made to museum reproduction standards and are truly works of art.

Please don't hesitate to contact me via email if you're interested in this but not sure which style works best with your chosen brocade.

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