Krista West Vestments

Katasarkion Instructions

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The katasarkion is the "baptismal garment" of the altar and is made from 100% linen. It is put on the altar at the time of consecration and never removed.

Step 1 Measure the top of the altar (e.g. 42" by 42").

Step 2 Add 10 inches to each of these measurements (e.g. 52" by 52").

Step 3 Cut a piece of linen this size. Fold the linen in quarters and cut the corners to be slightly rounded (this will make the casing easier to sew).


Step 4 Sew two buttonholes on each side as illustrated.


Step 5 Press up a casing, using 1" seam allowance total. Stitch in place, easing corners.

Step 6 Thread 1/8" white cording through casing with ends coming out of buttonholes as illustrated. Use these cords to cinch the katasarkion tightly onto the altar.